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Marvellous Island

21:00 | 1.France, Paris - Les Docks de Paris

Marvellous Island is an electronic music festival in Paris. Consolidating world-class DJ's with fantastic generation, the musical festival changes a little corner of the French capital into a celebrating heaven.

House and techno become the dominant center stage, while imaginative and creative design urge revelers to lose themselves in the immersive universe of the musical festival.

Consolidating mystical wonderment with electronic beats, revelers can join shoreline unwinding with bad-to-the-bone raving, getting away from the rushing about of city life in this shrouded pocket of the French capital.

Those that need to take a break from the hard and fast festival can make a beeline for the festival's own one of a kind shoreline, on the banks of the River Marne. Those that don't can entertain their selves through music from more than 50 DJ's for the entire weekend. Whatever you favor.


A-Synth Festiva

21:00 | 2.Spain, Barcelona - National Auditorium of Music

A-Synth Festivl is an electronic and test music celebration or festival held in St. alle del Príncipe de Vergara, Barcelona, Spain. Devoted to experimental sounds, the festival features live music, DJ sets, films, and visual arts, and a yearly showcase from a record collective or lable.


La Traviata: opera with ballet

19:18 | 3.Italy, Rome - Parco della Musica

Enjoy Verdi's masterpiece, 'La Traviata', in a performance by Opera in Roma with unique dance elements, as was called for in Verdi's original score.

Performing Arts

Alicia Kent - Set The World

16:00 | 4.United Kingdom, London - O2 Arena

This girl is on fire! Alicia Kent is burning up a stage near you with her amazing vocals and transcendent piano melodies.


Les Trandent

23:00 | 5.Belgium, Brussels - Tour & Taxis

Les Trandet is a mid-winter techno and house music festival. Pioneers and fresh young faces join together for one of Belgium's best underground electronic parties.

Performing Arts

Mint Festival 2018

21:00 | 6.United Kingdom, London - Alexandra Palace London N22 7AY United Kingdom

Mint Festival is a throughout the day electronic party at Alexandra Palace in London next September. Famous for surfing the genres, this year is the same, with a lineup fully loaded with everything from techno to grime to garage.


Afro Fest London

12:00 | 7.United Kingdom, London - Alexandra Palace London N22 7AY United Kingdom

AFRO FEST London is a dark music and cultural celebration and festival in the United Kingdom. Part of the brand, renowned for their events in the USA and late releases in Paris, this year is the first run through the celebration will hit the United Kingdom shores.



00:00 | 8.Germany, Berlin - Berliner Philharmonie
Marathon sur parcours valloné
Sport Event

OctoberFest 2018 The bear Festival

11:00 | 9.Germany, Berlin - Berliner Philharmonie

Octoberfest is the most well known bear festival celebration on earth. Berlin invites individuals from everywhere throughout the world to sample nearby and local traditional pretzels, beers and the time-honored Octoberfest climate and the enjoyable weather at the time festival is being celerated.


Dream and Nation Festival 2017

22:00 | 10.France, Paris - Les Docks de Paris

Dream Nation Festival continues the Techno Parade party long into the night. After the streets of Paris are reclaimed by a full-power celebration of underground music and culture, the dancing rolls on at the official after party.

Performing Arts

Prova Concert

23:00 | 11.United Kingdom, London - The HAC, London

WHP 2016: RAM JAM Foundation Sessions is a joint effort between London's notorious Warehouse Project and David Rodigan's famed internationally RAM JAM brand.

Performing Arts

Waves Italy

16:00 | 12.Italy, Rome - Parco della Musica

Waves Rome's maxim is "East meets West": various global alternatives, club, rock, and electronics acts will perform around Rome's second destrict. Also, local musical artists and sophisticated performers from Eastern Europe makes a fundamental part of the Festival Programs. Through the span of 4 days 80 international and national acts will perform on 12 different stages. You can expect a wonderful mix of the best in indie, dance and everything in between.


Syndicate Festival - 2017

18:00 | 13.Germany, Berlin - Great Orangery Charlottenburg Palace

The best thing about October is that the evenings start to attract, so there is significantly more opportunity to rave under the cover of obscurity. Syndicate, driving purveyors of the fast and hard, adjusts itself to take full advantage of the more drawn out evenings.

Back to pound the sound systems of Great Orangery Charlottenburg Palace for a 10th time, expect more musical pandemonium from the hard-style musical festival as 45 heavier than hell live and DJ's acts will make the bass bins throb until sunrise.


Family Concert: FAIRYTALES

20:04 | 14.Germany, Berlin - Berliner Philharmonie

The third concert in the series ALLES MÄRCHEN is devoted to Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy-tale The Nightingale.


Insane Festival 2017

19:00 | 15.France, Avignon - Parc des Expositions Chemin des Felons

Insane Festival is a house, techno and hard style night in Avignon, France. Sweeping from genre to genre, Insane will be uniting the electronic spectrum in one place, for one night.

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