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Ajax Search Module

Additional Ajax Map Search module for live map search. Search results are being presented on the map with the markers.

  • Ajax live search without reloading the site!
  • Optimized code to get maximum performance
  • Different search criteria
  • Can be used in full width mode with some templates
  • Great design and look
  • Multiple settings
  • Display listing information in a popup window

This module is being sold as an addon. More information can be found here.

Upcoming Events

  • 14
    18:00 | United Kingdom, London - Renaissance St Pancras Hotel
    Field Day is an eclectic music festival in East London. With curation and contributions from some of the UK's most respected clubs, promoters and music websites, the two day festival consistently boasts a unique and varied lineup. more
  • 15
    12:00 | United Kingdom, London - The HAC, London
    With oil prices diving as much as 18% in mid 2016, by what means can energy organizations survive and flourish in the predominant atmosphere and fabricate reasonable plans of action for what's to come? Join us at the Energy Summit 2016 where the business' preeminent business pioneers, international ... more
  • 18
    21:00 | France, Paris - Les Docks de Paris
    Marvellous Island is an electronic music festival in Paris. Consolidating world-class DJ's with fantastic generation, the musical festival changes a little corner of the French capital into a celebrating heaven. House and techno become the dominant center stage, while imaginative and creative ... more
  • 28
    21:00 | Spain, Barcelona - National Auditorium of Music
    A-Synth Festivl is an electronic and test music celebration or festival held in St. alle del Príncipe de Vergara, Barcelona, Spain. Devoted to experimental sounds, the festival features live music, DJ sets, films, and visual arts, and a yearly showcase from a record collective or lable. more
  • 15
    19:18 | Italy, Rome - Parco della Musica
    Enjoy Verdi's masterpiece, 'La Traviata', in a performance by Opera in Roma with unique dance elements, as was called for in Verdi's original score. more
  • 20
    16:00 | United Kingdom, London - O2 Arena
    This girl is on fire! Alicia Kent is burning up a stage near you with her amazing vocals and transcendent piano melodies. more

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