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A-Synth Festiva

SpainBarcelona alle del Príncipe de Vergara, 146 National Auditorium of Music
28 Jun. - 30 Jun. 2019
Starts in 250 day(s)

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Event Description

A-Synth Festivl is an electronic and test music celebration or festival held in St. alle del Príncipe de Vergara, Barcelona, Spain. Devoted to experimental sounds, the festival features live music, DJ sets, films, and visual arts, and a yearly showcase from a record collective or lable.

This year, the emphasis is on the independent British label Ghost Box Records, whose novel brand of creative, philosophical, ideological and sonic components have produced an unfathomably exceptional and charming aesthetic.

Since 2008, the weekender has been showcasing live exhibitions close by workshops, giving fans an uncommon knowledge into the workings of their most loved genre, with numerous performing groups uncovering their methods through a progression of addresses and talks.

Presently one of Spain's best-cherished metal and rock gatherings, A-Synth Festival - 2016 keeps on attracting fans from over the world because of its immaculate devotion and adoration for what it does.

Notwithstanding this label, there will be different performers and artists from over the world showing their exploratory abilities over the two days in St. alle del Príncipe de Vergara, Barcelona, Spain music venues.

Location of the National Auditorium of Music event

Venue Information - National Auditorium of Music

When the Great Kursaal (an elegant palace built in 1921, incorporating a casino, a restaurant, a cinema theater, complementary rooms and an 859-seat theater, placed in front of the Gros beach, and next to the mouth of the Urumea river) was pulled down in 1973, an empty plot (later called K Plot) was freed.

The absence of any architectonic structure in such a privileged site for so many years was remarkable.

At the time the old palace was pulled down, a competition was held to find a replacement. However, the winning project was never constructed due to its complexity.

A new project proposal was submitted in 1972. After a few changes to the design, building work was started in 1975, but after the perimeter wall was complete and the foundations in place, works was halted. The plot of land then passed from private hands (as the Great Kursaal had been private) to public hands, so a public consortium was created for the purposes of constructing a new building.


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