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Marvellous Island

FranceParis 45 Av. Victor Hugo 93300 Paris Les Docks de Paris
18 Jun. - 26 Jun. 2019
Starts in 240 day(s)

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A Parisian Electronic Fiesta.

Event Description

Marvellous Island is an electronic music festival in Paris. Consolidating world-class DJ's with fantastic generation, the musical festival changes a little corner of the French capital into a celebrating heaven.

House and techno become the dominant center stage, while imaginative and creative design urge revelers to lose themselves in the immersive universe of the musical festival.

Consolidating mystical wonderment with electronic beats, revelers can join shoreline unwinding with bad-to-the-bone raving, getting away from the rushing about of city life in this shrouded pocket of the French capital.

Those that need to take a break from the hard and fast festival can make a beeline for the festival's own one of a kind shoreline, on the banks of the River Marne. Those that don't can entertain their selves through music from more than 50 DJ's for the entire weekend. Whatever you favor.

Location of the Les Docks de Paris event

Venue Information - Les Docks de Paris

Les Docks de Paris is a long, slender, old yet practical warehouse or meeting center, with historical significance. Worked around the turn of the most recent century, it served as a terminal to store goods brought up by the Seine by freight ship, to be transported onward by street or via train.

Eurosites les Docks de Paris (Pullman Dock, Eiffel Dock, Haussmann Dock) constitutes one of the capital's largest meeting centers. It is made out of 3 rooms of 6,500m² outfitted with the most recent technologies including a 1,500 seat hall and 22 meeting rooms. This meeting focus is the perfect spot for facilitating congresses, presentations, parties, conferences, traditional festivals and musical festivals, meals for 20 to 5,000 individuals.

The Parisian city authorities sorted out a contest for another social advancement system to revive the site. It was left to the contenders' prudence regardless of whether to fuse the current solid structure in their recommendations. Macfarlane + Jakob, the Paris-based designers who won the competition, joined and utilize the structure to offer shape to the new site.


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